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Knitting mosaic pattern

Each stitch, each row in the charts of "lazy" patterns are listed in a strict order. Every knit row we make with knit stitches using a thread of one colour, moreover, we do not knit but slip the stitch corresponding to a thread of other colour, leaving a working thread beyond the cloth. There are indicated only the knit rows in the schemes because the purl rows in all patterns of this type are knitted by one rule: the stitches which have been knitted in the previous odd row, now are purled with the same colour, and the stitches which we have slipped in the previous row, we slip again without knitting; and we leave a working thread in front of the cloth.

Figures in the right part of the scheme are numbers of the rows. Letters in the left part of the scheme opposite to the first rows are colour of a thread which we use to knit two paired rows: knit and purl. The stitch designating other colour, is slipped and the thread on the right side remains beyond the cloth and the thread on the wrong right remains in front of cloth. Further, the colours of a thread alternate through each two paired rows. If desired, not only two colours of the yarn can participate in the mosaic ornament, but more, in any case the principle of the alternation of colours remains invariable.

After knitting the number of rows specified on the scheme, we come back to the first row and all operations are repeated.

Knitted pattern Chart of the knitted pattern
Knitting mosaic pattern Chart of the knitted mosaic pattern



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