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Crochet Irish pattern for beginners

In the Irish crochet the separate elements can be united in an entire fabric as follows.

  1. Elements are attached one to another during crocheting. For this purpose, it is necessary to croche one motif, and, during crocheting of the last row of the 2nd motif, to attach it to the 1st. You should continue in such a way until all the elements are crocheted between themselves.
  2. All motifs are crocheted separately and then they are sewed with a needle and with the same or thinner thread.
  3. All elements are tacked to a fabric which has the drawn pattern of an arrangement of the elements, and the space between them is filled with a crocheted (we can use any net pattern).
  4. At first the net of the basis is crocheted, and then the motifs of a lace are sewed on it.
Crocheted pattern Chart of the crocheted pattern
Crochet Irish pattern for beginners Chart of the crochet Irish pattern for beginners

Conventional signs:

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