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Mosaic patterns for simple knitting.

The favourite garnish of knitted clothes is ornaments but it is not so simple to knit a pattern from a multi-coloured yarn. After all, usually, when we knit an ornament on needles, we use two or several clews simultaneously. Moreover, there are drawing of free threads on the wrong side of the cloth and so the expenditure of the yarn is great. Besides, it is necessary to look after the knitted cloth not to turn out too constricted or, on the contrary, too friable.

However, there are interesting multi-colour patterns, which are very easy to knit. They are thought up wittily: we knit each two rows with a thread of one colour, and then we change the colour. The pattern results from the extended stitches of the previous rows, so, there are no confused clews, tears, constricted cloth on the wrong side. Such patterns have received the name of "lazy" because of their ease.

Unfortunately, the mosaic patterns knitted on needles are seldom used by knitters, and it is absolutely vain. We hope, that an offered selection of patterns which you can download free of charge, will allow you to look at multi-colour knitting in a new way.


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